What We Do:

Orchids are known for their outstanding beauty and their wide variety of flower size, shape, and fragrance. Our job is to select the best plants that look amazing and are are easy to care for in your home or garden center. Orchid plants are grown in our nurseries for an average of 1 ½ to 2 ½ years. During this time we keep them free of disease and insects and give them the proper nutrients, water and light to keep them healthy and produce exciting flowers. The variety of potted orchid plants in our nurseries is large. Within each category of orchid plants we may have several hundred different hybrids.


Our Nursery:

There are 248,000 square feet of covered greenhouses and shade houses in our nursery that are primarily devoted to growing orchids. All potted orchid plants in our nursery are grown on Hawaii Department of Agriculture certified benches. There are normally about 600,000 orchid plants on our benches in various stages of maturity plus the flask material in the laboratory. The main nurseries are in Kapoho on the Big Island which is at the eastern tip of the island chain. The nurseries in Kapoho are near sea level, just a few hundred yards inland from the ocean, which is the ideal climate for growing many orchid varieties. We have about 75 inches of rain each year mostly falling at night, so we have plenty of humidity and plenty of sunlight. Temperatures seldom get below 65 degrees and the plants grow with only natural heat. Daytime temperatures in the greenhouses are seldom over 90 degrees. The typical home usually has the temperatures that our orchid plants love.



Ready to sell off your shelves

Our orchids come in boxes of 16, 24, 32, or 48 and the plants arrive ready to sell. We offer plants with saucer stands, our invention, to support the potted orchids and to collect excess water. Available upon request is decorative plastic pot wrap in five different colors. We also use colorful dragonfly clips and plant stakes to secure the plant and protect the blooms.You may elect to custom order based upon your specific orchid needs or choose to receive our popular assorted orchid mixes. We select the best mix based upon the orchids in season and send you our widest variety of bloom shape, color, and sizes.

2014 Orchid Availability List


We have a great selection of orchids in bloom this season including a few new intergenerics, cattleyas and dendrobiums. Take a look at the pictures below and feel free to contact me if you have availability questions or would like to place an order.